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The Best Time To Visit Kruger National Park

The Kruger National Park has two seasons. That is why most people prefer to choose the season in which they are able to have fun and enjoy their leisure time in the National Park. When it comes to having fun with your family or friends, it is much simpler that you can imagine; you just choose the time that you see suits you and your family to enjoy in the Park.

This a wonderful experience that you will never forget in your life. Most of our Tourists and South African citizens love coming to our park for the wildlife. The winter season which lasts from May to October it the best time, for clients to visit the park. It is a time where tourists can enjoy the viewing of the walking safaris. It is easy for Tourists to spot the animals because this is the time where the vegetation is low, hence they will be able to spot and see the animals at the park. The water sources offers rewards just for seeing the game.

Mid-winter season is from June to August;

The Mid-winter is the best time to visit the Park, we are confident that you will be very comfortable because when it is winter and there is not of many Mosquitoes around that season denoting a very relaxed time that will not stop you from enjoying your sleeping night in the National Park.

September and October;

It is a time where the weather becomes unsettled, it can be hot and cold while it can even make you uncomfortable, but that does not stop us to keep a look around the animals that are in the water. It is also the best time to see the Park.


It is the best time to have the summer rains, we start in January to February and end in April. The transformation of the National Park is very amazing and cannot be simply explained in details that why it is will be much captivating for the tourist to see that view with their own eyes.

The Park looks very beautiful, singles out most of the Tourist that come to visit. They love taking memorable pictures of the National Park.  There are too many young animals that are born in the park creating a beautiful feeling for the tourists as they seeing the cutes animals and falling in love with them at the park. 

November is also considered to be a good time for tourists to come visit the Kruger National Park, you will enjoy the viewing of the birds and enjoy the safari -beach holidays all together.