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Kruger National Park Threats

Kruger Park is subject to many threats one of those is urban development taking place at the borders.  It affects the bioregional plans. Global warming with the burning of fossil fuels near the towns does affect the biodiversity of the park.

Anti-poaching measures

Kruger Park is not spared from the threat that affects other African Countries. Most hunters are in search of ivory which comes from the elephant tusks or rhino horns. the Park provides two drones borrowed from Denel and two Aérospatiale Gazelle helicopters, presented by The Royal Air Force.

capturing of wild animals

 illegal hunting operates with night vision instruments that are sophisticated telescopic sights. The Park is a dangerous place for poachers in the year 2018 one of the illegal hunters was trampled by elephants and was eaten by a lion.  Those illegal hunting are mostly from Mozambique. in 2012 illegal hunters were arrested.  And in July 2012 a policeman was the first person to pass on in an anti-poaching operation. In December 2012 they had to place more security around the park to overwatch.


South Africa has 22,000 white and black rhinos that are represented by 93% and illegal hunters make no difference between white and black rhinos one of the good things when it comes to the disappearance of black rhinos is very low because of their aggressive nature. The rhino’s horns are also used for traditional medicine.


In 1980 Park add a high elephant poach. The reason for the international and National attempts, the capturing of wild animals subsided for many years. An increase in 2014 has several elephants poached in a year developed at a high rate. 47 metric tons of stockpiled ivory at the park were auctioned in 2008. The sale fetched US$6.7 million which was assigned to expand anti-poaching measures.