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Bongan Safaris is a local South African tour operating agency specialising in safaris in and around the Kruger National Park. Bongan Safaris is best known for our intimate selection of safari accommodation and our uncompromising dedication to your comfort.
Arranging for your collection from Johannesburg (from your place of accommodation or the O.R. Tambo International Airport) and transferring you to Hoedspruit (located in the province of Limpopo) – you’ll be in good hands!

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Bongan Safaris offers a wide selection of tours ranging from 2-5 days in the Manyeleti, Timbavati Game Reserves and the Kruger National Park. Your trip with us will include your accommodation of choice, homemade breakfasts and dinners and fully immersive game viewing opportunities from the vantage point of an open safari vehicle. Our experienced tour guides will accompany you every step of the way, sharing their extensive knowledge of the African bushveld.

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Kruger Park Information and History


Kruger National Park is a South African National Park and one of the largest game reserves in Africa. It covers an area of 19,623 km2 (7,576 sq mi) in the provinces of Limpopo and Mpumalanga in northeastern South Africa, and extends 360 km (220 mi) from north to south and 65 km (40 mi) from east to west. The administrative headquarters are in Skukuza. Areas of the park were first protected by the government of the South African Republic in 1898, and it became South Africa’s first national park in 1926.

To the west and south of the Kruger National Park are the two South African provinces of Limpopo and Mpumalanga, respectively. To the north is Zimbabwe, and to the east is Mozambique. It is now part of the Great Limpopo Transfrontier Park, a peace park that links Kruger National Park with the Gonarezhou National Park in Zimbabwe, and with the Limpopo National Park in Mozambique.

Kruger National Park Location And Geography

The National Park is close to the northeast of South Africa, in the eastern part of the province of Limpopo and Mpumalanga. Phalaborwa, Limpopo is the only province in South Africa that borders the Park. The park is known to be one of the biggest parks in the world. The area covers 19,485 km2 (7,523 sq mi). On the north and south of the National Park, these two rivers are in the province of Limpopo.  Boundaries are placed around the area the highest point in the park are hills called Khandzalive. Several rivers run through the park from west to east, including the SabieOlifantsCrocodileLetabaLuvuvhu, and Limpopo Rivers.


The Park climate and Lowveld is tropical, especially a hot semi-arid climate from September until May is known to be a rainy season. The climax changes begin in the rainy season in October. the park spans 360 kilometers or 220 miles from north to south, climate does change. Skukuza in the southern part of the park is about 2 to 3 °C (3.6 to 5.4 °F) cooler the whole year than Pafuri in the north, with significantly more rainfall.

Kruger National Park Location And Geography

Kruger National Park Location And Geography

The National Park is close to the northeast of South Africa, in the eastern part of the province of Limpopo and Mpumalanga. Phalaborwa, Limpopo is the only province in South Africa that borders the Park. The park is known to be one of the biggest parks in the world. The area covers 19,485 km2 (7,523 sq mi). On the north and south of the National Park, these two rivers are in the province of Limpopo.  Boundaries are placed around the area the highest point in the park are hills called Khandzalive. Several rivers run through the park from west to east, including the SabieOlifantsCrocodileLetabaLuvuvhu, and Limpopo Rivers.


The Park climate and Lowveld is tropical, especially a hot semi-arid climate from September until May is known to be a rainy season. The climax changes begin in the rainy season in October. the park spans 360 kilometers or 220 miles from north to south, climate does change. Skukuza in the southern part of the park is about 2 to 3 °C (3.6 to 5.4 °F) cooler the whole year than Pafuri in the north, with significantly more rainfall.

Kruger National Park Threats

Kruger Park is subject to many threats one of those is urban development taking place at the borders.  It affects the bioregional plans. Global warming with the burning of fossil fuels near the towns does affect the biodiversity of the park.

Anti-poaching measures

Kruger Park is not spared from the threat that affects other African Countries. Most hunters are in search of ivory which comes from the elephant tusks or rhino horns. the Park provides two drones borrowed from Denel and two Aérospatiale Gazelle helicopters, presented by The Royal Air Force.

capturing of wild animals

 illegal hunting operates with night vision instruments that are sophisticated telescopic sights. The Park is a dangerous place for poachers in the year 2018 one of the illegal hunters was trampled by elephants and was eaten by a lion.  Those illegal hunting are mostly from Mozambique. in 2012 illegal hunters were arrested.  And in July 2012 a policeman was the first person to pass on in an anti-poaching operation. In December 2012 they had to place more security around the park to overwatch.


South Africa has 22,000 white and black rhinos that are represented by 93% and illegal hunters make no difference between white and black rhinos one of the good things when it comes to the disappearance of black rhinos is very low because of their aggressive nature. The rhino’s horns are also used for traditional medicine.


In 1980 Park add a high elephant poach. The reason for the international and National attempts, the capturing of wild animals subsided for many years. An increase in 2014 has several elephants poached in a year developed at a high rate. 47 metric tons of stockpiled ivory at the park were auctioned in 2008. The sale fetched US$6.7 million which was assigned to expand anti-poaching measures.

Kruger Park Tours Rest camps

National Park consists of twelve logs, which include smaller logs around the park. There are also several concessions licensed to private companies with their camps. the biggest loges do have shops, restaurants or cafeterias, petrol stations, and first aid stations.

Skukuza (Kruger Park Tours – Rest Camp 1)

Skukuza is the largest accommodation in Kruger, it contains the administrative headquarters for the park. It is located on the southern bank of the Sabie River 12 km from Paul Kruger Gate and 39 km from Phabeni gate

Berg-en-Dal (Kruger Park Tours – Rest Camp 2)


Berg-en-Dal is one of the reachable camps. It is 12 km from Malelane Gate. The camp contains 69 bungalows that sleep 2–3 and 23 family cottages with multiple bedrooms. The camp also contains several overlooks and a swimming pool.

Malelane (Kruger Park Tours – Rest Camp 3)

Clos Berg-en-Dal and the Malelane gate. These a Malelane satellite camps. promoting 15 tent sites, 4 four-bed rondavels, and 1 three-bed rondavel.

Crocodile Bridge (Kruger Park Tours – Rest Camp 4)

Crocodile Bridge is located around the southern border of the park close to the town of Komatipoort. The loges have access to the Mozambican border

Letaba Elephant statue outside the Letaba Elephant Hall (Kruger Park Tours – Rest Camp 5)

Letaba loge faces Letaba River and is close to the geographic center of Kruger Park. It has 86 rondavels, 20 furnished tents, 10 six-bed cottages, 5 three-bed huts, and 60 tents and two guest houses, the Melville and the Fish Eagle. The Fish Eagle guest has a private bird hide.

Lower Sabie (Kruger Park Tours – Rest Camp 6)

Lower Sabie It is allocated close to the bridges that cross the Sabie River at Kruger being near the area there is a large amount of water, flat plains, and hills easily reachable from the camp.

Mopani (Kruger Park Tours – Rest Camp 7)

Mopani rests on the north bank of Pioneer Dam, on the south of the Tropic of Capricorn, and 50 km north of Letaba. It is an administrative area of the Shipandani sleep-over bird hide.

Kruger National Park Biodiversity


Plant life contains four main part, that covers the four quadrants of the park. The main veld types are determined by the rainfall gradient (400 to 750 mm per annum) and geological substrates.

Shrub mopane veld

Shrub mopane covers the entire north-eastern area

Red bush-willow and mopane veld

The Red bushwillow and mopane veld lie in the western half of the park, north of the Olifants River.  The big five are found in Kruger Park, which has more species of large mammals than any other African game reserve (at 147 species). There are webcams set up to observe the wildlife.

Mammals at the Kruger Park 

In 1994 Kruger Park stopped the killing of Elephants. the population increased to 11,670 elephants, by 2006 it was close to 13,500, by 2009 to 11,672, and by 2012 to 16,900. People living in the park can sustain only 8,000 elephants.


Kruger National Park is known for its remarkable Birds. Coming from the southern to Central part these a fall off when it comes to the diversity in the Mopane-dominated flats northwards of the Olifants. Most Birds reproduce in summer, during the rainy season which sustains the vegetation and animals’ food.  the biggest species of prey that reproduce during the dry season of winter.  The total number of resident birds is 517 birds, and 117 birds are non-breeding migrants and 147nomads.

Some birds in the National Park do need to have big territory. There are Six birds, that are by and large restricted to the National Park and some areas, it has been assigned to a grouping called the “Big Six Birds. in 2011 aerial survey found 22 martial eagle nest sites, and the 2015 survey an additional 17, while the 2020 survey found 70 nest locations. There are 25 to 30 breeding pairs of saddle-billed stork in the park, besides a handful of non-breeding individuals. In 2012 178 family groups of ground hornbills roamed the park and 78 nests were known, of which 50% were active.

Other vertebrates

Kruger Park has 126 species of reptiles, that includes the black mambas, African rock pythons, and 3,000 Nile crocodiles. Thirty-three species of amphibians are found in Kruger Park. well as 50 fish species.


The Park has 219 species of skippers’ (the family of Lepidoptera that is named the Hesperidia and 3500 species have been recognized worldwide). Butterflies do have four stages of development. they undergo complete metamorphosis, and it is found that some butterflies do several generations in a year. The National Park does not have the total number of all Lepidoptera species looking at the African savanna we can say around 7,000. It allows the resident outside the National Park to harvest their caterpillars. You find mosquitos in the park that includes the Culex, Aedes, and Anopheles genera that target mammals. Mosquitos can cause Malaria which is a mosquito-borne infection that does affect humans and animals’ symptoms include fever and headaches.

General Information Of The Kruger National Park

The Code of Conduct

Our visitor’s safety at the Kruger National Park comes first to us, and to have an excellent trip, you will have to follow the given rules as it contributes to your own safety. Please read carefully the green gate permit you are given by the entrance and follow the rules.

The regulations and the useful Information to you are as follow:

Respect the speed limit! Your driving speed limit is 50 km/h on tar roads and 40 km/h on gravel roads. Know the times the gate open and you are not allowed to drive at night and make sure to be in your camp before the sunset. You are not permitted to drive “off-road” or on roads with a “no entry” sign. It is a serious offence if you are seen feeding the animals.

We have a 24- Hour Emergency Call Centre Number: (013) 735 4325 ,The Office of the State Veterinarian at P.O Box 12, Skukuza, 1350. You can also phone us at (013) 735 5641 or fax us at (013) 735 5155 during office hours.

The Elephant Point At The Kruger National Park

The Kruger National Park, Elephant Point provides to tourists with luxury accommodation that is 26 km of Skukuza Airport.

We can brag about the undisturbed views at the Sabie River and at the Kruger National Park, the accommodation are well furnished with air-condition component and is including all the features that you may want. Each lodge do have luxury bathroom and the lodge does comes with dining and barbecue facilities on top. Our facilities are there for the visitors to relax themselves and have fun at the private pool and a boma area, we do offer free Wi-Fi to all the tourists on the park. The wi-fi is all over the lodge and the connection is faster with maximum speed. If you need a private chef to cook for you, no need to look further for you will certainly be provided with a personal chef during the week except for Wednesday and Saturday. 

Elephant point; we offer you with events that does not occur very often. To have bushveld property at the Kruger National Park is simply fabulous because you can view the big five, form your lodge.

The Best Time To Visit Kruger National Park

The Kruger National Park has two seasons. That is why most people prefer to choose the season in which they are able to have fun and enjoy their leisure time in the National Park. When it comes to having fun with your family or friends, it is much simpler that you can imagine; you just choose the time that you see suits you and your family to enjoy in the Park. This a wonderful experience that you will never forget in your life. Most of our Tourists and South African citizens love coming to our park for the wildlife. The winter season which lasts from May to October it the best time, for clients to visit the park. It is a time where tourists can enjoy the viewing of the walking safaris. It is easy for Tourists to spot the animals because this is the time where the vegetation is low, hence they will be able to spot and see the animals at the park. The water sources offers rewards just for seeing the game.

Mid-winter season is from June to August;

The Mid-winter is the best time to visit the Park, we are confident that you will be very comfortable because when it is winter and there is not of many Mosquitoes around that season denoting a very relaxed time that will not stop you from enjoying your sleeping night in the National Park.

September and October;

It is a time where the weather becomes unsettled, it can be hot and cold while it can even make you uncomfortable, but that does not stop us to keep a look around the animals that are in the water. It is also the best time to see the Park.


It is the best time to have the summer rains, we start in January to February and end in April. The transformation of the National Park is very amazing and cannot be simply explained in details that why it is will be much captivating for the tourist to see that view with their own eyes. The Park looks very beautiful, singles out most of the Tourist that come to visit. They love taking memorable pictures of the National Park.  There are too many young animals that are born in the park creating a beautiful feeling for the tourists as they seeing the cutes animals and falling in love with them at the park.  November is also considered to be a good time for tourists to come visit the Kruger National Park, you will enjoy the viewing of the birds and enjoy the safari -beach holidays all together.

The Best Place To Stay At The Kruger National Park

The Kruger National Park is one of the attractive places in South Africa for most tourist to visit and where many South Africans love to go and enjoy the beautiful view of their beautiful animals in their national park. The Kruger national park does prove its efficiency with different lodges that are luxurious. The other thing for our tourist to know is that the Kruger Park is the biggest with the advantage of discovering a flora and fauna.

The place to stay are:

Ngala Tented Camp

It one of the accommodations in the National Park that accommodate tourists. The National Park in Timbavati Reserve to the west of Kruger Park. The price of the place is affordable to our clients.

Singita’s Lebombo

This is one of the unique lodge that has been made just for our visitors. The lodge is known for its excellent service and a good reputation.

Tinstwalo Safari Lodge

The Safari is in the Manyeleti Game Reserve; it is known for its six luxurious rooms.

Lion Sands Tinga Lodge

This place is located at the bank of the Sabie River, and you are able to view the Big 5 games.

Royal Malewane

The Royal Malewane is in a private game reserve, it is furthermore known to be the most luxurious accommodation in the National Park.

Singita Sweni

The place offers tourists with a good experience and enriched activities.

Lion Sands Narina Lodge

It is a wonderful place that family and friends will enjoy with the amazing view of the Big 5

Tanda Tula.

Ngala Safari Lodge There are 24 rooms in this lodge that are big enough to accommodate visitors to the prices that are reasonable. That will allow you to even save money and enjoy your stay in the Kruger National Park

Ulusaba Lodge

This lodge is not only reputed for the beautiful accommodation, but it is also known for the type of luxury that is offered.

The Berg-en-dal Rest Camp At The Kruger Park

Berg en Dal Rest Camp, opened in the year 1984, the camp vegetation is well considered by us because we believe that the vegetation contributes to the attractiveness of the park. Some of the animals seen at the camp are White Rhino, Kudu, Impala, Giraffe, some Elephant, Reedbuck, Klipspringer, Grey Rhebok, and warthog. We track down the animals for game drive. The tourist are presented with the opportunity of going to game drive, at the park. This opportunity includes taking a walk to the bush. Other offers include the permit of visitors to the lodge, camping and caravan site accommodation and the visit to the San rock paintings sites and recreation to the traditional dance. Keeping the guests entertained is part of the package that comes with your stay at the park.

The camp Facilities offered to our guests are as follow:

  • Cell Phone reception
  • Petrol/Gas station
  • Picnic facilities
  • Cafeteria; shop
  • Film auditorium
  • Conference facilities
  • Basic first aid assistance
  • Emergency road service
  • Public telephones; post box
  • Limited DSTV only available in the Guest Houses

Swimming Pool (for overnight residents only)

Rules And Regulation At The Kruger National Park

Just like any other place in this world; there are rules and regulations that need to be followed. The Kruger National Park do also have rules and regulations that they give out to visitors. The rules are there just to conduct you and advise on what to do and not do at the park. An example of such is before coming in the Kruger national park the tourist must first pay the entrance fee and they are required to make be in agreement with the rules that have been established by the National Park. When you are aware of the regulation at the Kruger National Park it will benefits the tourists and even protects you from having problems with the law and just enjoy your time at the park. But if you are at your own best behavior and do not follow the rules; consequently one will have to take the responsibility of all their action that might be costly to them and in the future. At the entrance of the park, we give out pamphlet that guides you with list of rules and regulations from us:

The list is as follow:

Visitors must always stay in the car only if you are in a designated area. Always making sure that the car doors are locked. And we do not want to see any part of your beautiful body out the window of your car for your own safety. We have a speed limit when you drive around the park that is 50km/h on the tar roads and 40 km. the National Park is not city that cars must be speeding, the park is made for you to enjoy the view of the wildlife. We don’t want you to hit an impala by example due to you speeding with your car. We want all tourist to follow the gate timing, when a tourist is on his own you must make sure that you find yourself by the gate before the closing time. The rules apply to tourist sleeping at the park. When tourist see the sign of the road is off limits it simply means that road cannot be used. It not safe to be used. Tourist at the park are not allowed to give animals food, because there are animals at the park that are very dangerous, and we do not want you to be at risk. For our overnight visitors, you must be at your camp on time the reception must be aware that you are there. And, if you will be staying at the park at night you must book for accommodation by 14:00 when you have arrived, and leave the park accommodation by 10:00am. Vehicles with more than 25 tourists will stay on the tar road we also have noise restriction at the park from 21:30 to 06:00. The cell phone use is limited too. Tourists are not allowed to have with them motorbikes and bicycles and we advise them to have a vaccination for malaria.

The Popular Kruger Park Safari Holidays

Ultimate Safari Experience at Kruger Park Tours

Give yourself a fabulous time at the Kruger National Park and enjoy every single moment that you will experience in this beautiful park, it is said that we only live once so why not grab this opportunity to have fun and enjoy the most popular safari during your holidays. Have an experience that will be personalized and customized which will create an ultimate safari experience just for you. You will see the Big Five forest beast such as the rhinoceros, lions, elephants, leopards and besides enjoy the abundance of the games during your stay where you relish the Sabi Sand Game Reserve and the Park all together for the unique ultimate Safari experience. You get to discover the wildlife-rich environment that is guiding the game drives and it gives in many sights and smells of the bush in the National Park. We fancy our tourist to feel more comfortable when staying at the safari lodges. At night we gather the guests around the open fire and provide them with delicious meal made by South African menu. All our activities are conducted by our tour guides that are there to introduce tourists to the wildlife at the park including the beautiful landscape, we have a 6-day ultimate guide that comes with the Safari packages. For the game drives; we drive with the 4×4 vehicles.

Ultimate conduct Kruger Safari Highlights:

  • Hassle-free safaris includes the food and activities.
  • Modified and making it the longer highlights in South Africa.
  • Discover best wildlife areas; at the National Park and Sabi Sand Game Reserve
  • Be accommodated at the best safari lodges.
  • Expect to have a good service by us.
  • Go with the tour guide on a look out for the wildlife and use the 4×4 safari vehicles.
  • Stay away from the crowds on off-road game drives by the game Reserve.
  • See the sunsets and enjoy the view of seeing the elephant.

 Day 1 trip to the Kruger National Park

Just on the first day of the tour to the Kruger safari, you will take the plane from Johannesburg to an airport inside the Kruger National Park. From the Kruger Park you will see the guide that takes you to the safari accommodation at the National Park; upon arriving you can refresh yourself and enjoy a drink and thereafter go for the game drive. The tour guide will take you see the lions, may even the see endangered rhino.

Day 2 at the Kruger Park

When you go out early morning you will love the view of the park and enjoy a fresh smell in the morning. In the afternoon have a good leisure time where you can cool off and enjoy the stunning views of the bush.

Day 3-4 at the Safari Sibi Sand

We continue to have an adventure time with you as you appreciate every moment at the game drive. The safari accommodation is at the Sabi Sand Game Reserve. The region at the park is known for the big cat sightings and likely get an opportunity to see the leopard when doing your tour.

Day 5 Trunk greetings

The last day of the game drive after enjoying your breakfast, your tour guide will fetch you to go for a scenic journey to White River. You will have the opportunity to learn about the history of this sanctuary.

Day 6 the last day

The last day of your 6-day Ultimate Kruger Safari package. If you still have little time you can wander around the lodge just to take pictures of you at the park to have good memories of the National Park. And after having your last meal with us you can take your flight back to Johannesburg.

Kruger National Park Malaria Information

The Kruger National Park is allocated to be a malaria area; hence in order to keep our visitors safe we provide them with all the necessary information that is needed to prevent them to contracting malaria. With the aim of avoiding the spread of mosquito’s bites that will increase malaria, we provide as quoted below the type of medication to have to prevent clients from having malaria.


We give tourist Chloroquin and Paludrine. The modality and manner of taking the medication is described and provided by the doctor. It is highly advisable to take Paludrine before going to the Kruger Park and after the visit at the Kruger Park, the doctor will be required to write the description of how to take the medication. With Doxycycline medication; the correct information on the procedure of use and the medication dosage is given by a qualified doctor


We do not advise a pregnant woman to be at the malaria area, or even to be at the National Park. We do care for the health of each person and that includes us not putting the life of pregnant woman at risk. The medication prescribed for a pregnant woman (only be taken for a woman who is at their 3-month pregnancy) is Chloroquine and Paludrine. Please do not take Mefloquin and Doxycycline when you are pregnant in order to avoid putting the life of your unborn baby at risk.

Kruger Park Eco-System With The Wildlife And Vegetation

Kruger Park’s eco-system consist of 5 zones that entices different wildlife to the vegetation and climate. The Kruger National Park is generally flat to gently move with average height of 260 meters (853 feet) at the sea level. Sixteen manifest landscapes information provide natural home for an animals, plants, and organisms. It is close to the Southern Hemisphere. National Park with a periodical rain that comes with thunder showers. The month of April and August are considered to be very cold in this area.


When the rainfall is intimating to fall, the southern area obtain the biggest amount of rain shower meanwhile the central plains get the minimum. The temperature starts from 30 C (86 F) in the month of January. The summer temperature in July is of 23 C (73 F) denoting an already cold season. You should be aware that the weather can change to 47 C (117 F) in January and 35 C (95 F) in July during winter.


In 1996 it was said that the South Africa Wetland ceased to be visible at that time.  The planets at Wetlands are productive in the ecosystem. Wetlands take place at the movement of water. The temperature can go to 7-18 C (45-64 F) we are therefore advising visitors on wearing clothes that are more comfortable and seasonal in order to be able to move around the park. It is advised to be drinking more water to avoid stroke.

Vegetation Zones

The changes in the weather do affect the vegetation ecosystem. That live and sometime also that can multiple the vegetation zone. The change to impact the giving out to the society physics of many animals.

Zone 1

The environment in the North of the Olifants River to the Limpopo River is the warmest and too dry area at the National Park. The vegetation is dominating with the Mopane tree not much perturbed. We observe an alkaline soil and erratic rainfall in the area which permit the sun rays to go through the ground and wet the tree. From there the tree can absorbs little heat.

Zone 2

The environment at the south to the Olifants River on the eastern side of the Kruger National Park very much affect the acacia thorn trees.  The environment have the higher rainfall and soil is very fertile which is advantageous for vegetation.

Zone 3

The biggest area in the National Park is between the Crocodile and Olifants Rivers, directly to the west of the acacia tree.

Zone 4

The Kruger National Park between the Sabie and Crocodile Rivers obtain around 760mm of rain each year including the Acacias tree.

Zone 5

The valleys of the Luvuvhu and Limpopo rivers, along the Kruger Park’s northern boundary is the smallest habitat you will find at the National Park.

Kruger National Park Costs/ Pricing

Our Kruger National Park Tours is here to offer clients the affordable prices. We do have special pricing that are not limited; our special prices start from R 3.100 pp/pn. That is our prospective offer that we are giving to clients. The booking can be done online with your name, your email address and your Telephone number needed in the filling of the order. In addition we are going to need your full birth date details to be added on the booking details. Thereupon we can procced with the booking. We will be requiring on the number of days and Nights of the booking.  We strive on accommodating conveniently our customers that are very leisure. Whence we will be providing our esteemed clients with a quotation.

The different kinds of rooms offered:


Luxury suite at the Kruger National Park

The prices of rooms in the lodge that we are offering range from a special price of R 3.100. On top of having a room on a special price, our clients will be getting from us a room with an amazing and comfortable bed corresponding to the value of their money. Our prices at a normal Rate stand at R 4.080 pp/pn, while our offers on special Rate will be R 3.100 pm/pn and lastly the price for 2 nights the guests per the rooms can be booked online. We are eagerly waiting to know how many Rooms will be booked by our clients, this latter provide us with information on the room type such as Double Rooms with the Twin options and with a list of maximum of 3 guests in the room.

Chalet suite

Our suite are privates, and we want our client to have their total privacy. The price of the room is R3.300 at special price.

Presidential suite

The price will be R3.500 on a special price.

Kruger National Park Malelane Gate Game Viewing Routes

The road to Malelane Gate will assist you find your way to the camp.

The Routes to take are:

  1. Main road to Skukuza (H3)
  2. Circular drive past Berg-en-Dal camp (S110)
  3. Crocodile River Road (S114 becoming the S25)

When passengers drive pass the Malelane Gate, they go through the core original reserve, where is Kruger Park’s first warden, Colonel James Stevenson-Hamilton. The home in that area is created to secure the safety of the animals. There are some routes that can guide you and rest-camps are placed along the road. At the rest-camps you can view around the camp area. If you have come to Malelane a long time ago, we are sure that you have not yet seen new things around the camp like the wildlife and the hunters at the bush. The Malelane is a stony soil and fertile clay soil in the valleys; It is better for the trees because of the granite that do not have enough rich minerals and we observe that grass does not have enough nutrition that are found in the basalt area.

Malelane to Afsaal (H3):

The Malelane to Afsaal Road (H3) the Crocodile Bridge Road to Lower Sabie (H4-2) there is less traffic on the road in this area because it is a season whereby people goes for vacations.  When you drive on the northern side, the passengers see the bush become slim and we can see the wildlife. These are the animals that are seen Rhino, Kudu, Giraffe, and Impala.

Kruger National Park Honeymoon Packages And Romantic Safaris

Taking the big step of your life is the greatest decision you can ever make. Let us all start this journey and enjoy every single moment together with the magnificent wildlife sightings of the golden-hued sunsets. The only best way to start this new road is to come have a wonderful time at the Kruger National Park. You will not be disappointed in your honeymoon package and the romantic safaris are beautifully arranged for your stay with us. The honeymoon packages do have different offers proposed to visitors.  We give you the options between the sheer opulence, closeness to nature or tranquil seclusion.

As we love our visitors to be flexible and enjoy their stay at the park, we add in the packages a spa treatment and champagne baths and fireside romance that so romantic and having dinner around a roaring fire. The honeymooners that guide energetic life provide with good time outside and discover about nature, we provide 3 days of romantic Kruger Park package that include all the packages. Our romantic packages do meet the desires of your heart.  We have the game drives, sundowner drinks in the African bush.

If you are desiring to have a good romantic time at your honeymoon, then you are at the right place for you will be able to enjoy your Spa and the Safari. We want our visitors to discover themselves and be able to share their experiences.  With other couples wanting to experience the some feeling and vibes. This is a once off opportunity so treat yourself with a spa treatment and make that moment memorable for you. We can be luxurious when it comes to our honeymoon packages.

The desire of wanting to spend some moment alone with your loved one without anyone disturbing your romantic time can be a reality as you take this chance to escape and come enjoy at the National Park. You will have four days to relax with us. And enjoy being pampered at our spa.  And while you are having an enjoyable time you can see the wildlife. Come spend four days with us and enjoy the wonderful cuisine made by South Africans chefs; this is a moment that you will never forget about the safari experiences that you had on your wedding. The ceremony just the way you want it to be, and it leaves you satisfied that your wedding was well conducted. If you want a private romantic dinner under the African sky, we are there to provide all that you need.

What These National Park Offers To Guests

The National Park offers you a wonderful experience that you will never forget the moment and memories made on your time spent with us. Here are what we are offer to our guests during their stay at the park:
  • The guests can go for a self-drive
  • Bush walks
  • Foot safaris
  • Wilderness trails
  • The Lebombo overland trail
  • Choice of where to stay in the Kruger Park
  •  A visitor can have a picnic at the park.
  • We offer accommodation to tourist.
  • The Park offers the South African cuisine.
  • The national park offers activities for your children at the park.
  • The Kruger Park offers medical assistants to visitors.
For you to be more comfortable while enjoying your time with us and for us to accomplish the goal of the satisfying all the guests, we provide you with this kind of offers quoted above. 

What Should Tourists Know About Kruger National Park

The Kruger National Park was established in 1898, the park is known to be the largest game reserve in Africa. The Park is situated close to Mpumalanga and Limpopo by the North side of South Africa and is measured to be having 35000 square kilometers. At the National Park at the bush, you will discover different kind of trees like the baobab’s tree, marula and mopane trees not forgetting the amazing Big Five that we have at National Park; the animals found in the park are buffalo weaver, elephant shrew, leopard tortoise, antlion and rhino beetle. The Park offers to tourists picnic sites, rest camps besides the viewing of the animals.


With so much assurance, we can state that the National Park does not have many hills and you will discover or notice people saying that the bush of the park is dry. The Kruger Park has six ecosystems.


We look at only 30% of the National Park’ environment and when observing the central region; it takes in half the animal’s species like lions, leopard, hyena etc.


The region is known due to the Crocodile River that is located in the south area and we have the Sabie River by the North. It is in this region that you can see animals like rhino.


The region of Orange River takes over 7 000 square kilometers of the National Park and it has 60% of hippos including the bird life and impala, kudu, and buffalo.


When it comes to your place of accommodation, there is absolutely no need to worry for the national park has you covered. We have a larger number of luxury lodge available adding to that for your convenience bushveld camps and overnight hides as well. Your experience at the park goes in hand with the room service we provide you with a nice and relax environment to enjoy your stay here.


You desire to have privacy with your family or with your partner, the Park will offer you with a private game reserve to satisfy your need as our guests. With the private lodge you can view the wildlife from the place where you are at. The advantages of being in a private lodge is that you can see the Sabi Sands Game Reserve with the private lodges’ cars are permit.

The Reason For The Kruger National Park To Be Famous

At start, the reason why the Kruger National Park is the most famous park is obviously because it is much simple. The Kruger National Park do accommodate all the Big Five animals.  And did you know that the Kruger’s Big Five habitants have reach 70,000 marks that including 17,000 elephants and 2,500 big cats? By just looking at the Impala habitant we are already seating at 150,000. The animals that you will see at the Kruger Park are lions, buffalo even crocodiles. Is that not already enough reason for it to be the most famous in National Park in Africa? We are not yet done with more reasons on why the South Africa Kruger Park is too well-known. The beauty of the park is in seeing animals roaming around the park instead of watching from the television.

The simple way to the Kruger National Park

To have the finest tour in the park, you will have a well-maintained gravel road that will facilitate your movement around to see the Big five.

Holiday adventure

When it comes to have an adventurous time with family and friends. This is the first thing that comes in your mind. The kind of enjoyment you will be having with your family and the kind of accommodation that will be provided to you. The Park is very lager that tourist can be spending a week just by discovering other parts of the National Park. Is that not just amazing that the visitation at the park becomes more and more enjoyable! When moving around the park these beautiful little rocky hills will keep you amazed and you will see even baobab trees. You can see the trees from any direction that you are in.

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