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Kruger National Park History

 Pre-reserve (before 1898)

Kruger Park has 420 recorded archaeological sites. The park area was occupied during modern times. Most sites had a short number of people because of the presence of predators and the tsetse fly limited Cattle husbandry. At Masorini hill, the H9 road, iron smelting was practiced up to the Mfecane era.   Thulamela on a hilltop south of the Levuvhu River was occupied from the 13th to 16th centuries.

The area that covers the National Park is a remote section of the eastern part of South Africa. it was proclaimed to be a place that was lived by the Tsonga people to protect wildlife.

 Kruger National Park Northside was populated compared to the south. Many of the north citizens were working for the railway companies that were dealing with the construction of the rail connection between South Africa. at the end of the 19th century, Able Chapman who was a hunter brought the fact that the area was over-hunted

Sabi Game Reserve (1898–1926)

The creation of the Sabi Game Reserve started in the year 1895. It was proclaimed by Paul Kruger who at the time was president of South Africa.  one of the main reasons that the National Park was created was to control all hunting activities in the park.  To protect the decreased number of animals. 

The game reserve is in the Southern one-third of the modern park.  Back then in days, all the native tribes were removed from the reserve in the year the 1960s. In the year 1926, Sabie Game Reserve, the adjacent Shingwedzi Game Reserve, and farms were put together to create Kruger National Park.    After the creation of the National Park, the Sabi game reserve started receiving a large number of tourists in 1923.