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Kruger National Park Malaria Information

The Kruger National Park is allocated to be a malaria area; hence in order to keep our visitors safe we provide them with all the necessary information that is needed to prevent them to contracting malaria.

With the aim of avoiding the spread of mosquito’s bites that will increase malaria, we provide as quoted below the type of medication to have to prevent clients from having malaria.


We give tourist Chloroquin and Paludrine. The modality and manner of taking the medication is described and provided by the doctor.

It is highly advisable to take Paludrine before going to the Kruger Park and after the visit at the Kruger Park, the doctor will be required to write the description of how to take the medication.

With Doxycycline medication; the correct information on the procedure of use and the medication dosage is given by a qualified doctor


We do not advise a pregnant woman to be at the malaria area, or even to be at the National Park. We do care for the health of each person and that includes us not putting the life of pregnant woman at risk.

The medication prescribed for a pregnant woman (only be taken for a woman who is at their 3-month pregnancy) is Chloroquine and Paludrine.

Please do not take Mefloquin and Doxycycline when you are pregnant in order to avoid putting the life of your unborn baby at risk.