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Rules AND Regulation At The Kruger National Park

Just like any other place in this world; there are rules and regulations that need to be followed. The Kruger National Park do also have rules and regulations that they give out to visitors. The rules are there just to conduct you and advise on what to do and not do at the park.

An example of such is before coming in the Kruger national park the tourist must first pay the entrance fee and they are required to make be in agreement with the rules that have been established by the National Park.

When you are aware of the regulation at the Kruger National Park it will benefits the tourists and even protects you from having problems with the law and just enjoy your time at the park. But if you are at your own best behavior and do not follow the rules; consequently one will have to take the responsibility of all their action that might be costly to them and in the future.

At the entrance of the park, we give out pamphlet that guides you with list of rules and regulations from us:

The list is as follow:

Visitors must always stay in the car only if you are in a designated area. Always making sure that the car doors are locked. And we do not want to see any part of your beautiful body out the window of your car for your own safety.

We have a speed limit when you drive around the park that is 50km/h on the tar roads and 40 km. the National Park is not city that cars must be speeding, the park is made for you to enjoy the view of the wildlife. We don’t want you to hit an impala by example due to you speeding with your car.

We want all tourist to follow the gate timing, when a tourist is on his own you must make sure that you find yourself by the gate before the closing time. The rules apply to tourist sleeping at the park.

When tourist see the sign of the road is off limits it simply means that road cannot be used. It not safe to be used.

Tourist at the park are not allowed to give animals food, because there are animals at the park that are very dangerous, and we do not want you to be at risk.

For our overnight visitors, you must be at your camp on time the reception must be aware that you are there. And, if you will be staying at the park at night you must book for accommodation by 14:00 when you have arrived, and leave the park accommodation by 10:00am.

Vehicles with more than 25 tourists will stay on the tar road we also have noise restriction at the park from 21:30 to 06:00. The cell phone use is limited too.

Tourists are not allowed to have with them motorbikes and bicycles and we advise them to have a vaccination for malaria.