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Ultimate Safari Experience

Give yourself a fabulous time at the Kruger National Park and enjoy every single moment that you will experience in this beautiful park, it is said that we only live once so why not grab this opportunity to have fun and enjoy the most popular safari during your holidays. Have an experience that will be personalized and customized which will create an ultimate safari experience just for you.

You will see the Big Five forest beast such as the rhinoceros, lions, elephants, leopards and besides enjoy the abundance of the games during your stay where you relish the Sabi Sand Game Reserve and the Park all together for the unique ultimate Safari experience. You get to discover the wildlife-rich environment that is guiding the game drives and it gives in many sights and smells of the bush in the National Park. We fancy our tourist to feel more comfortable when staying at the safari lodges. At night we gather the guests around the open fire and provide them with delicious meal made by South African menu.

All our activities are conducted by our tour guides that are there to introduce tourists to the wildlife at the park including the beautiful landscape, we have a 6-day ultimate guide that comes with the Safari packages. For the game drives; we drive with the 4×4 vehicles.

Ultimate conduct Kruger Safari Highlights:

Hassle-free safaris includes the food and activities.

Modified and making it the longer highlights in South Africa.

Discover best wildlife areas; at the National Park and Sabi Sand Game Reserve

Be accommodated at the best safari lodges.

Expect to have a good service by us.

Go with the tour guide on a look out for the wildlife and use the 4×4 safari vehicles.

Stay away from the crowds on off-road game drives by the game Reserve.

See the sunsets and enjoy the view of seeing the elephant.

 Day 1 trip to the Kruger National Park

Just on the first day of the tour to the Kruger safari, you will take the plane from Johannesburg to an airport inside the Kruger National Park. From the Kruger Park you will see the guide that takes you to the safari accommodation at the National Park; upon arriving you can refresh yourself and enjoy a drink and thereafter go for the game drive. The tour guide will take you see the lions, may even the see endangered rhino.

Day 2 at the Kruger Park

When you go out early morning you will love the view of the park and enjoy a fresh smell in the morning. In the afternoon have a good leisure time where you can cool off and enjoy the stunning views of the bush.

Day 3-4 at the Safari Sibi Sand

We continue to have an adventure time with you as you appreciate every moment at the game drive. The safari accommodation is at the Sabi Sand Game Reserve. The region at the park is known for the big cat sightings and likely get an opportunity to see the leopard when doing your tour.

Day 5 Trunk greetings

The last day of the game drive after enjoying your breakfast, your tour guide will fetch you to go for a scenic journey to White River. You will have the opportunity to learn about the history of this sanctuary.

Day 6 the last day

The last day of your 6-day Ultimate Kruger Safari package. If you still have little time you can wander around the lodge just to take pictures of you at the park to have good memories of the National Park. And after having your last meal with us you can take your flight back to Johannesburg.