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Kruger National Park Malelane Gate Game Viewing Routes

The road to Malelane Gate will assist you find your way to the camp.

The Routes to take are:

  1. Main road to Skukuza (H3)
  2. Circular drive past Berg-en-Dal camp (S110)
  3. Crocodile River Road (S114 becoming the S25)

When passengers drive pass the Malelane Gate, they go through the core original reserve, where is Kruger Park’s first warden, Colonel James Stevenson-Hamilton.

The home in that area is created to secure the safety of the animals. There are some routes that can guide you and rest-camps are placed along the road. At the rest-camps you can view around the camp area. If you have come to Malelane a long time ago, we are sure that you have not yet seen new things around the camp like the wildlife and the hunters at the bush.

The Malelane is a stony soil and fertile clay soil in the valleys; It is better for the trees because of the granite that do not have enough rich minerals and we observe that grass does not have enough nutrition that are found in the basalt area.

Malelane to Afsaal (H3):

The Malelane to Afsaal Road (H3) the Crocodile Bridge Road to Lower Sabie

(H4-2) there is less traffic on the road in this area because it is a season whereby people goes for vacations.  When you drive on the northern side, the passengers see the bush become slim and we can see the wildlife. These are the animals that are seen Rhino, Kudu, Giraffe, and Impala.