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The Kruger National Park Family Safaris

Spending your holiday together with family at the National Park accompanied by your wife and kids will be a special, memorable moment and wonderful experience that you will be gracing your family with and letting your children discover the world that they are living in. Our lodges can accommodate you and your family at a much reasonable price.

We will provide you with all the information on how we deal with malaria. The malaria area cannot stop you to from enjoying your stay. That is why we give medication and advise you to take medication before going to the malaria environment. There will also be an opportunity of letting your family explore the beach at the park.

The Kruger Park Family Safaris

the family safari tourist are given the chance to educate the children on wildlife while the parents enjoy the view of the Big Five.

The Kruger Park Family Breach Holidays

When it comes to the beach holiday with your family. Tourist are educated on Africa’s diverse marine life and snorkeling lessons. Children will be allowed to go for treasure hunting and have a picnic time with their family at the park.